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Our clients have provide Tewksbury Auto an overall rating of 9 out of 10 with 7 reviews.

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Repair at Tewksbury Auto
K., Michael from Tewksbury, MA  - Rating:  6 of 10 Feb 2, 2015
Good things often happen in unexpected ways. I was planning to visit a friend for the Super Bowl, however my vehicle wouldn't cooperate. It wouldn't start, and I had thoughts it may be something other than a battery. Perhaps a costly alternator or starter. The team at Tewksbury Auto Repair correctly diagnosed it as only a battery, and did the requisite tests to be certain that the alternator and starter were in good shape. Additionally they checked all fluids and tire pressure without asking. As well the bill for services was fair. They were knowledgeable , professional and courteous in every way. They will be my go to mechanics from here on.
Replace Engine in MiniVan
Leslie, D from Salem, NH  - Rating:  10 of 10 Feb 22, 2013
My minivan blew an engine due to value cover leaking into the engine. I was in a bind needing my second car back. Tewksbury started pulling my old engine on Tuesday morning, received the replacement engine on Wednesday morning. I had my van back in my hands at 6PM Thursday evening. If that isn't a shop that knows how to get the job done, then point me to someone that's better. They're number one in my book. Thanks guys.
ABS light on dash
Collins, P from Medford, MA  - Rating:  10 of 10 Feb 14, 2013
Took my car to Tewksbury Auto Repair as I have done with all my vehicles. I was on my way an hour later after a broken wire was repaired. I also buy all my cars from them.
Front End Work
Hanlon, P from Revere, MA  - Rating:  10 of 10 Feb 7, 2013
Fast, clean, reasonably price service.
Tire repair on my van
Cunningham, N from Windham, NH  - Rating:  9 of 10 Feb 4, 2013
Came in with a leaking tire with out an appointment and the took me immediately. Repaired the leak, checked and topped off all my fluid and tires. In and out in 20 minutes and the price was great. Thanks you Tewksbury Auto